I strive to create art that hasn’t been done before, art that makes a positive impact, and breaks free from the current trends and offers my collectors something more than a reflection of the mainstream techniques.  A great photograph has the power to evoke emotion and present nature at her best.  The reason I push myself to new limits is to have the opportunity to share nature's finest moments with you.  I am on a mission to share what many people in our modern technology-centric world have forgotten - the pure beauty of nature.  

I hope to leave viewers feeling something new or remembering something old, something that can't be rightfully articulated with words, but something positive and powerful they won't soon forget. I believe nature is a universal language that bonds everyone together and has the capability to reach people in a way that nothing else can.  I purposely create art to touch you on a deep level. 

Whether my prints will be displayed in a private residence or on the walls of a busy medical center, I find my greatest joy in making unique wall art that enhances the beauty of the indoors with the aesthetics of the outdoors.  I want to make people stop and take a peaceful break from their busy days, and even for a moment, get lost in the beauty of the outdoors and leave their troubles behind.  

I have invested my life to bring the beauty of the outdoors to our indoor lives to that we can be reminded of nature’s grandeur.  I want you to feel like you can walk into my nature scenics.  Since I create my photographs on medium and large format film, I can offer you small and intimate prints or murals filling up a wall.  The bigger you print, the more detail that is revealed.  

Medium and large format film remains my medium of choice for all of my fine art nature scenics because of my demand for the best quality, unparalleled resolution, and films unique rendering of light.  Large film-based prints look different than digitally captured and printed photographs.  My color nature scenics are custom printed with special chromogenic light sensitive papers that are enlarged from my film negatives and processed in darkroom chemistry. 

When you view my prints in person, the differences are immediately obvious for most people.  The subtle rendering of tones, the clarity, and sharpness draws you in closer, and the layers of color are inviting, peaceful, and soothing to your mind. 

I believe the unique qualities and aesthetics of film-based images are foundational to unlocking the positive signals from your brain that transcend into your emotions.  After a significant amount of experience and research, I don’t believe the same thing happens with digitally captured and printed images. 

When you buy one of my fine art prints, you know that I was fully present with nature when that moment in time occurred and I captured it with an organic piece of film without any need for digital technology, manipulation, or Photoshop trickery.  You know what you see really happened, and it represents one of natures finest moments.