Established in 2002, Tim Layton & Associates, LLC has become a leading source for fine art nature photography and online photography training.  Tim Layton’s fine art nature photography has been displayed across the United States and collected by people in over 20 countries.  

Tim Layton’s photography is heavily influenced by his lifelong love and appreciation for the natural world.  Most of Tim’s work is centered around intimate landscapes and wildlife.  

Tim’s mediums of choice include film for nature scenics and cutting edge digital gear for wildlife photography.  Tim uses classic large format view cameras with big sheets of film to capture incredible levels of detail and subtle nuances of light in his nature scenics.  

In 2010, Tim began leading workshops and mentoring photographers in the St. Louis area.  His success as a private instructor grew to include group classes, on location workshops, and eventually online photography training.  In 2015, Tim sold his home in St. Louis and moved to the Ozark’s where he built his home, studio, and workshop surrounded by the national forest and in the middle of nature.  Tim is now able to lead spring and fall photography workshops helping photographers explore and experience the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountain region.  

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