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Create a Community To Help Build Your Brand

If you are like me, it is hard to keep all of the plates spinning when you are trying to create artist original pieces, promote your products and services, and continue t...
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Tips For Creating Milky Way Photos of the Night Sky

Creating night sky images of the Milky Way has never been more attainable than it is today. Astrophotography is no longer just for the privileged few that had access to p...
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Create a Value Ladder To Grow Your Photography & Art Business

If you are struggling in your photography or art-based business, you probably don't have a Value Ladder or a marketing strategy that is designed to deliver value at diffe...
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Tips For Creating Extraordinary Landscape Photos With Trees

Your ideas are the most important element in your photographs. The camera used is simply a tool and regular people could care less what type of gear you used to create yo...
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4 Ways For Photographers and Visual Artists To Validate Business Opportunity

4 WAYS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS AND VISUAL ARTISTS TO VALIDATE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Visual artists are passionate people, and while this is crucial, it isn't what will ultimate...
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Flower Photography Tips

After you master the technical building blocks of photography (aperture, ISO, shutter speed), you are free to let your personal style shine through. I love photographing...
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