All of Tim Layton's nature photographs are created using film and printed with special chromogenic light sensitive papers that are enlarged from his film negatives and processed in darkroom chemistry.  

Unlike conventional inkjet prints that many photographers and galleries offer, Tim's fine art chromogenic prints are real photographic prints that are archival, durable, and unmatched in sharpness and tonal rendering.  They have a depth to them that provides a unique and peaceful viewing experience.  

Tim has been using film for over 30 years, and in spite of all the latest digital technologies, Tim continues to use film because of its unparalleled resolution and superior ability to beautifully render light in a way that is very pleasing to his eye.  By using film as the capture medium and combining it with the chromogenic light sensitive papers, Tim creates an emotionally evocative and unique piece of artwork.  

Tim’s favorite color films for his nature scenics are Fuji Provia 100, Velvia 100, and Kodak Ektar.  His film formats for nature scenics include medium format 6x7, 6x9, and large format 4x5, 8x10, and panoramic 6x17.  

Tim has been hand making limited edition black and white silver gelatin and platinum prints for over 30 years.  Silver gelatin and platinum printmaking is a real artisan process from beginning to end.  Tim has physical control over every step in the creative process for the ultimate expression of art and creativity.  Tim uses large and ultra large format cameras with black and white film to create negatives the size of the final prints.  If you are viewing a 11x14 platinum print, then you know this was made from a negative in a 11x14 large format view camera. 

If you are looking for a unique piece of black and white artwork in the nature genre, then you will want to view and experience some of Tim's handmade black and white artisan prints.  

Tim’s love of hiking opened a new door for him in the area of wildlife photography.  Using the latest and most sophisticated digital photography equipment, Tim creates intimate portraits of wildlife that will bring a smile to your face.  Using his vast knowledge and experience as a fine art nature and landscape photographer, Tim drew upon this experience, and he uses the same printing methods to create his wildlife portraits that make you feel like you are standing next to them in nature.