Hi, thanks for visiting my website. I am incredibly passionate about nature and the outdoors.  Being able to share my love of nature and wildlife through my fine art photographs is an honor and blessing.  I create peaceful images of nature that otherwise would be gone forever and I share glimpses of brief moments with some of our favorite wildlife.  

I am willing to hike the mountains, sleep on the ground, and push myself to my physical limits to have the opportunity to create and share nature's beauty with you.  It is a high price that I am willing to pay because the result is worth it.  

The emotions and feelings we have when watching the sunrise or sharing a sunset with family and friends over a beautiful vista are moments that all people hold close to their hearts.  Some of our best memories with family and friends involve the outdoors.  Decades of medical research tells us that people heal faster when exposed to certain kinds of nature photographs.  Even in our modern technology-driven society, there is something in all of us that wants to be outside and feel the sun on our faces.  

I have invested over thirty years of my life learning and developing skills that help me to create compelling and joyful images of the outdoors to share with you.  It is my pleasure to work for you, and I hope I get another hundred years to keep doing it. 

I am honored that over 225,000 people from around the world enjoy my nature photography on my Facebook Page.  Join us there to share in nature's beauty.  


Quality and craftsmanship are at the core of everything that I do.  I want my customers to have the very best, and so I work hard to make sure that happens.  People frequently ask me why I use a large format view camera and film to create my nature and landscape photographs when it seems the entire world has left traditional film photography behind years ago. The answer is simple.  Using a bulky, inconvenient, and expensive large format analog view camera produces the highest quality images.  Film is an organic material that handles light much differently than a computer-driven digital camera.  When looking at large prints, in particular, the details just keep revealing themselves in a very clear and sharp way that is unlike digital images.  I also believe the natural colors that film produces is intrinsically pleasing to most people.   

For my wildlife photography, I do embrace the best digital technology because it is the best tool for the job.  The advances in low-light performance with digital cameras has opened up possibilities for wildlife photography that has never been possible until the last few years.  I use very large, heavy, and expensive gear in my wildlife photography because that is what it takes at this time.  

If you have any questions or if I can help you in some way, please send me an email.

Tim Layton