Hi, thanks for visiting my website and blog.  It should be fairly obvious that I am incredibly passionate about photography.  My main area of focus is nature, however, I am a fan of every genre of photography.

I have invested over thirty years of my life learning and developing my photography skills and knowledge.  This is a process that is infinite because we never stop learning and improving.  I created this website and blog for contemporary photographers that want to improve their photography skills and probably even more important, learn how to create and execute an effective marketing strategy.  Over the span of thirty years, I have evolved to a business model where I am a photographer and publisher.   

I frequently see incredibly talented photographers that have a very small audience and span of influence.  I find that heartbreaking and unfortunate because it doesn't have to be that way.  I have built a fan base of over 360,000 people from around the world on my two Facebook Pages.  Over 200,000 people are connected with me on my Nature Photography Facebook Page and over 160,000 on my Fine Art Page.  Through my insider tips that I freely provide in my newsletter and my books, you can learn what it takes to build a loyal audience and following that will help you reach your financial goals.  

On this website and blog, I share insider tips and tutorials on both the creative and marketing side of things.  Many photographers can master the technical aspects of photography, but unfortunately, the vast majority fall short on finding and connecting with an audience.  It doesn't have to be this way and I can help you overcome these obstacles. 

In addition to my modern digital photography, I have been a life-long film and darkroom fine art photographer that continues to create handmade fine art prints.  If film and the darkroom interests you, then you will want to check out my fine art website and blog.  I am the founder and editor of the Darkroom Underground Magazine dedicated to all things film and darkroom related.