As a professional photographer, I get immense joy out of bringing nature’s beauty into peoples homes and workspaces.  A great photograph has the power to evoke emotion and capture nature at her best.  My purpose is to share natures finest moments with people that are open to her message.  I am on a mission to share nature’s most beautiful moments.  I try and share what many people in our modern technology-centric people have forgotten - the pure beauty of nature.  

As a professional photographer, author, and teacher, I am fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful individuals who give me the opportunity to get to know them and help them reach the next level in their photography.  With thousands of hours of teaching under my belt, I have become in tune to my students’ needs and how each person learns.  

My heart is in the outdoors, whether it is hiking, watching wildlife, or exploring a new place I have never been before.  The thrill of seeing a new waterfall or overlooking a mountain vista that I have never seen before is pure joy for me.  

I was raised to appreciate the outdoors and treat our finite natural resources with respect.  I am driven to create and share intimate scenes of nature that bring joy, peace, and beauty to peoples homes and workspaces.  I hope that through my photographs, my viewers will gain more respect for our natural world and take action in their local areas to preserve it for the next generation. I also want to encourage people of all ages to get outside more, take a walk or hike, and benefit from being more active and being surrounded by nature.